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  • Annette Combrink accepts chairmanship of ICELDA board

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    ICELDA is pleased to announce that Prof. Annette Combrink, previously rector of the Potchefstroom campus of North-West University, has accepted the chairmanship of the ICELDA board. She will henceforth preside over regular meetings of the directors, who are drawn from the four participating universities, Pretoria, North-West, Free State and Stel ...
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  • Tobie van Dyk receives Erasmus Mundus fellowship

    in Awards
      ICELDA’s chief administrative officer, Tobie van Dyk, was recently awarded a prestigious Erasmus Mundus fellowship. The Erasmus Mundus programme is the European Union’s flagship programme for international cooperation in higher education, and by receiving this award, he makes history by being one of the first South Africans to be selecte ...
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  • A framework for the study of linguistics by Albert Weideman

    A joint publication of Van Schaik Publishers (Pretoria) and Paideia Press (Grand Rapids, Michigan), has just appeared. ISBN 9780627029790 The framework for linguistics described in this book is not an introduction to linguistics in the conventional sense. Rather, it is an invitation to those entering the discipline to become intrigued by thing ...
  • Top SALALS articles by Albert Weideman and Frans van der Slik

    Two articles by ICELDA representatives were identified by Taylor & Francis to be among the top 5 most cited Routledge language & linguistics journal articles in 2011. 1. Measures of improvement in academic literacy Frans van der Slik & Albert Weideman  - limited FREE access 2. Constitutive and regulative conditions f ...
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