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Welcome to ICELDA


The Inter-institutional Centre for Language Development and Assessment (ICELDA) is the outcome of a collaboration, since 2004, of four multilingual South African universities: Pretoria, Stellenbosch, North-West and Free State. ICELDA designs language tests, and supports research in language testing.  



Test of Academic Literacy Levels (TALL) and its Afrikaans counterpart, Toets van Akademiese Geletterdheidvlakke (TAG), are the most reliable tests of academic literacy levels that we know of. TALL has reliability levels (measured in terms of a very conservative measure, Cronbach's alpha) that averages at 0.93, which is more than 20% higher than international benchmarks for high stakes tests. The Test of Academic Literacy for Postgraduate Students (TALPS) is gaining wider recognition.


International reach

More than 80 publications analysing various dimensions of the tests have been published in accredited journals. Whilst ICELDA is primarily involved in academic literacy in South Africa, these analyses are well received at both national and international conferences. We have also experimented with the use of the tests in other environments, notably Namibia, Singapore, Vietnam and The Netherlands, with good effect.